Center for Home Inspections

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The Center for Home Inspections is a group of independent, professional home inspectors. Our cooperative group allows us to offer small business service and accountability combined with the cumulative resources, knowledge, and consistency of a large company. MORE

My Inspection Philosophy

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Purchasing a home can be stressful and intimidating, but a quality home inspection can eliminate some of the uncertainty. A good inspection should be an educational experience, helping you understand the function and maintenance of the components in your house and lending perspective about how your house compares with houses of similar age and style.

On average, people spend about 15 minutes in a house before they decide to write an offer. In that short time it can be difficult see past the neutral colors and tasteful staging that are so common these days. To help you look a little deeper, I've put together a checklist to take along when you're looking at houses.

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Home Resource Guide

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The Home Resource Guide is not only an inspection report for the home owner, but also a comprehensive manual full of clear and concise information about the construction and mechanical systems common in residential building. Together with your inspection report it becomes an owner's manual for your home. MORE